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Overkill - New Haven, CT 3-03-92 (2 discs)

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PC created from a M/NM source. Pro shot with the single house camera. Also has soundboard audio. There is a little line that crawls on the screen. This is on the master source and can't be avoided. on the "Horrorscope" tour!

Disc 1
1. Coma
2. Wrecking Crew
3. Infectious
4. Blood Money
5. New Machine
6. Powersurge
7. Irth Of Tension
8. Soulitude
9. Hello From the Gutter
10. Feel the Fire

Disc 2
1. Rotton to the Core
2. Horrorscope
3. Frankenstein
4. Thankx For Nothing
5. In Union We Stand
6. Elimination
7. I Hate / Fuck You

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