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Gregor's bootleg trading website

Film Spool 2


Sorry dudes and dudettes I no longer am trading as I'm just too busy with my new business. Sept 18/08

Welcome to my bootleg trading site. Here you will find all my bootleg recordings that I like to collect and trade.

With trading comes rules. I only trade with high quality media (TDK, Sony, etc...)This saves us both problems in the long run.

If you contact me first, you send first and vice versa.

If we are trading for the first time then I will only trade 4 or 5 shows and when that is done and clear we can move onto trading higher quanities of shows. (There are exceptions I can make but not very often)

I only trade DVD and VHS!! I don't trade audio.

***Strict rules of conduct***

I don't sell my videos so don't ask, I only trade. I don't trade original DVD's from the bands official catalog.

What's New?

My trading list is constantly being updated so check back often.

Band's shows I'm looking for:




Dark Angel


Infernal Majesty



King Diamond

Get in contact with me if you have any of these bands shows that I don't have. Thanks.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.